Salesforce Lightning: All the Screenshots

25 Aug 2015

Lightning Device Family

Salesforce have announced the availability of Salesforce Lightning.

What have they announced?

A new user interface for the desktop version of Salesforce which is called Salesforce Lightning. This will be available for Sales Cloud at first, but also Salesforce’s other apps in future releases. It will be generally available in the Winter ‘16 release of Salesforce - which ships in about a months time - just after Dreamforce ‘15. Switch on will be at customers own pace and it will be possible to enable at a user, profile or organization level.

This is not just an interface change - Salesforce are changing the technology used for their desktop application to be the same as used on their mobile app: Salesforce1.

What does it look like?

Here is an extensive collection of screenshots of the new interface from the coverage today:

Salesforce Lightning Homepage

The new homepage: gone are the horizontal tabs and the old sidebar. Now we have a vertical sidebar with only icons instead of words.

Salesforce Lightning Homepage

However the sidebar does expand to show the names of each section.

Salesforce Lightning Homepage Sidebar

Lightning App Launcher

Lightning App Launcher

App Setup Menu

New dropdown menu to access the new setup menu.

Setup Menu Dropdown

The new setup menu.

Setup Menu

Some items have moved around from the old to the new setup menus. Notably custom and standard objects are now in the same place.

Setup Menu Transition

Management of the App Menu.

App Setup Menu

App Setup Menu 2

Marketing App Setup Menu

Object Manager - the new settings page for each object.

Object Manager

The opportunities object manager page.

Object Manager - Opportunities

Global Search

Global search is now at the top and centre of each page.

Global Search

Auto complete suggestions in global search.

Global Search Auto Complete

Top results from Global Search are cross object with tabs for each object.

Global Search Results

Tabs to navigate between search result objects.

Global Search Results Top

Help Menu

Contextual help and training.

Help Menu

Opportunity Management

Opportunity view page including Sales Path.

Opportunity Workspace

Lightning App Builder showing custom opportunity workspace.

Custom Opportunity Workspace

Opportunity Sales Path.

Sales Path

Modifying the Opportunity Sales Path.

Sales Path Edit

Activity Timeline on Opportunities.

Activity Timeline

Opportunity List View.

Opportunity List

Opportunity Board View.

Opportunity Board

Opportunity Board View Design.

Opportunity Board Design Sketch

Lead Management

Lead Detail View.

Lead View

Accounts & Contacts

Account List View.

Account List View

List view controls.

List View Controls

Account Detail View.

Account View

Contact Detail View.

Contact View


User Record.

User View

Case Detail View.

Case View

Custom Object Detail View.

Custom Object View

Tasks & Calendar

Task List.

Task View


Calendar View

Calendar Day View

Reporting & Dashboards

Lightning Dashboard

Lightning Dashboard 2

Where can I read more?

Can I use try it now? The answer for the immediate term seems to be no, but pre-release Winter ‘16 orgs will be available here in the next few days.